We have all heard people saying that Marriage is difficult. So difficult that once you get married, you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this?


But is Marriage Possible?  Numerous examples tell us it is but you also hear people say, “We can’t do this. It’s too hard.


So if you are doing something right, we ask you to share your ‘something’ story. Whatever it’s about. If it worked for you, it might work for someone else.


So, if you have solved something in your marriage, consider sharing it. It might spark an idea. At the very least, it might give hope to those who are struggling.


I hope you consider sharing your successes and I hope something here will help you.


If you would like to share your story, please go to ”You Have a Story“.

If you are here to read, you are very welcome. Please go to “Stories“.



Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels