If you have a story about something that worked in your marriage, please send it to me at info@marriagepossible.com.


I’ll take any Success Story: Managing finances, communication, handling In-laws, children, mending trust – anything.


Please specify if you want your identity to be kept confidential and the story published anonymously.






  • It must be a personal experience; not a fictionalized account
  • Please let your spouse see and ‘ok’ it.
  • Please include the following information:
    • Was this a long running problem or an individual event?
    • What caused the situation?
    • Who had a problem – just one of you or both of you?
    • Whose idea was the solution or was it a joint idea?
  • Good to Include (unless you wish to be anonymous) :
    • Where you’re from
    • As much background as possible (professions, ages, kids etc)
    • As much detail as possible. If you can remember actual conversations or arguments, include them.
    • As honest as possible – especially about the difficulties.

I promise to respect your story, your confidence and your marriage. A story will be posted only after your go-ahead.



Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels